I Have Restless Soul Syndrome

I think I have a new malady on top of my depression and anxiety.  I have restless soul syndrome.

My love of travel was nurtured long ago by my parents.  They were always pulling me out of school for winter trips all over the Caribbean.  I remember it so well because I would have to do a project on my destination, that I would come back and present to the class.  Even back then, the prospect of talking in front of the whole class was quite stressful.  Maybe those scared feelings I had back then were the first rearing of anxiety’s ugly head.

These days, my partner and I only get to travel once or twice a year due to financials and work stuff which sucks.  If I could, I would sell everything and move away to Belize or Costa Rica and just be free.  Of course I am rooted in reality and this will probably never happen, at least in the foreseeable future.



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