Long Term Disability

Received a letter from my insurance notifying me that my STD (short term disability) is coming to an end in 2 months.  Wow, have I really been off work for that long?  After a year, LTD (long term disability) kicks in but its a whole thing!  The insurance will want more forms to be completed by my psychiatrist and I need to PROVE I can’t do my job still.  These days, the only thing besides the thought of returning to work that is causing me anxiety, is dealing with the insurance company.  Just because I’m not in a wheelchair with 2 broken legs  or some other physical malady, then I should be fine by now!  That’s what they seem to think.  I wonder what I need to do to prove I am not able to work.  Do I need to harm myself?

My depression and anxiety are not getting better and lately, they’ve been worse.  I have a dear friend who just had her ovaries removed and a hysterectomy yesterday and she will be home from the hospital on Sunday.  I am expected to help look after her which is what friends do for one another.  I am just so worried I will disappoint her in some way, as I am having a hard time looking after myself properly these days.


2 thoughts on “Long Term Disability

  1. Looking after your friend will give you a focus, I’m sure you’ll do a good job.
    Insurance and the like just don’t see depression as an illness, so bombard you for evidence, if your not ready to return to work, there is no point forcing the issue, as this will only make matters worse.

    Stigma in all it’s glory!

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  2. I have been exactly where you are now just a few weeks ago. It is a hellish process for sure. If you can, and I wish I had, fill in the forms with your psychiatrist or therapist’s assistance to ease the anxiety part. Big hugs and keep writing!

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