I did it.  I actually went out to that Grand Opening of a new restaurant I wanted to try.  EVERYTHING on the menu was half price and I really enjoyed myself.  As soon as my partner came home from work last night, she saw I was dressed (not nicely but it wasn’t my usual pajamas) and inquired if we were going somewhere. I told her a really wanted to try this new place even though it was a bit late but I was wrestling with my anxiety.

I didn’t speak with anyone there except the waitress and when the owner stopped by our table.  It was a community event but I was too embarrassed to put myself out there and talk to people.  Will they see through my bravado and see that I am depressed, anxious and self loathing?  We sat at our little table all to ourselves and spoke about the day.  We don’t go out much so it was nice.


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