Had a Good Day

Today I went to the counseling session with the nurse, that my GP had set up for me.  I was anxious all morning just thinking about the appointment.  Will I start crying? (I did) Will it be embarrassing talking about my depression and anxiety with a total stranger? (It was).

I had told my GP a bit back that my psychiatrist was useless and I wanted a referral to another one.  She obliged and set up this appointment with the nurse for a “talking session” in the meantime.  Today was the appointment and my partner drove with me.  She was off work today and is always supportive.   I cried for most of my appointment but we discussed things my psychiatrist never discusses.  Usually he just stares at me while I cry for 20 minutes, then asks if I need any refills.  This was a nice change of pace and it was a whole hour of actual interaction.  My anxiety slowly melted away the longer the appointment went on, as I felt very at ease with her.  We have a follow up in 2 weeks.

When I had arrived home today, there was a voice mail on my telephone answering machine (yes I still have a land line).  It was my referral to a new psychiatrist I had just asked for about 2 weeks ago from my GP.  I have my moron psychiatrist at 9 am tomorrow so after that I will call back the new psychiatrist’s office when I return home.  This is giving me hope.  Hope that if I just keep trudging along, there might be some light at the end of the tunnel.  New hope brings with it, new opportunities.

I saw this cartoon on one of the blogs I follow and absolutely love, Motivating Giraffe.

dont-give-upI feel there might be something bigger and better out there for me but I just don’t see it yet.  I had a good day today. I guess that’s enough for me.


3 thoughts on “Had a Good Day

  1. Thank you for the blog.

    I kind of think that psychiatrists seem to be so orientated to providing medicationns. The pharmaceutical companies have polluted this profession. We no longer value talking. Frankly,, peer to peer talking is where trust is gained the quickest. I just think that, for me, I get much more value from talking with a supportive friend and writing.

    Take it from someone that has spent thousands of hours of therapy and countless different medications and combinations. Free of all of that by keeping it simple with honest friends, good exercise, nutrition and spiritual meditation.



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