Today is brought to you by the letter “F” and I choose for it to stand for “FRIENDSHIP” as part of the A to Z Blog Challenge.

My theme for this Challenge is depression and anxiety and all that goes with it.

I don’t have a lot of friendships and that makes me sad sometimes.  I have acquaintances but not very many true friends.  I suppose this is because I have some character defect that prevents me from ever attracting people.  Sometimes I say inappropriate things during conversations.  I think it is because I never know what to talk about and my mouth opens before my brain edits.

I do have one really close friend who is a new friend but we have quickly bonded over our weirdness it seems.  It is an unlikely match on paper but I suppose that is true of most great friendships.

  • I am a dog person, she is a cat person                      a403e144fb572e1a9219966180402efa
  • I am gay, she is straight
  • Her tastes in decor and clothing are totally opposite mine
  • She’s a vegan, I love meat
  • She is 12 years older than I am

The list goes on and on but we do have things in common and have just bonded.  I guess I shouldn’t over analyze the situation or I might drive her away, like so many before her.  I had tried nurturing friendships in the past but they seem to crash and burn during the honeymoon phase.  I often wonder if me being gay, it might seem like I am coming on too strong for their liking.

As I am writing this post, my friend that I am writing about, Facebook messaged me.  I made cookies last night and will be bringing them over for tea to her place this afternoon.  Nice.  Let’s hope I don’t screw it up somehow.


5 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. I have a similar problem; the only thing harder than making friends is keeping them. And some times I have trouble picking up and answering the phone if I’m having a bad day, it’s not them, it’s me…but sometimes it leads to them, thinking it’s them and the they’re a little less fond of me…But the ones who stick around are pretty special people.

    @Get Lost in Lit


  2. Friendships are hard to maintain, especially when, you have mental health problems as people lack the awareness to take on board what it’s all about, we also don’t really like to talk about it due to the stigma attached.

    I don’t think we need to have massive social circles, we just need to find people we can get along with outside of family and work relationships.

    Sometimes people are a little reserved or shy, and they don’t want wait around to see what emerges as you get to know each other which is a shame, sometimes I think we can miss out.

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