Today is brought to you by the letter “X” and I choose for it to stand for “XYLOGRAPHY” as part of the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

My theme for this Challenge is depression and anxiety and all that goes with it.

Today I wanted to talk a bit about how having a hobby such as photography, has helped me with my battle with depression and anxiety.  As I have become more intimate with my Canon 70D, I have become interested in working with wood and photos somehow.  I have a project lined up where you transfer a photo onto wood and it was this project I saw online that got me interested in Xylography after some Google searching.  (I tend to go off on tangents when I Google)

Definition of XYLOGRAPHY

:  the art of making engravings on wood especially for printing.
Here are some examples:
Goncharov_Ksilografiya-013xylography picture

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