I am a forty something female from Ontario Canada who has been wrestling with depression and anxiety for most my life.  I started this blog on the advice of my partner who says it might be cathartic.

If you are struggling with mental illness, it can feel quite lonely, even if you have people all around you that care.  If you see yourself in my musings, then please share because I would love to know that other people are going through the same thing as me and that I am not alone.

For now I choose to remain anonymous but that’s not my long term plan.  I feel very embarrassed about my mental illness but I hope to one day hear from others  and maybe summon up the courage to let others know my struggles.

Oh, I’m trying not to let my mental illness define who I am so on that note:

I’m also into photography, travel, playing with our dog and spending time with my partner of 25 years.



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    • Thank you, I think lol… I am not familiar with this award but it looks involved. I will have a good look at it when I get some time over next few days. I am feeling a tad bit overwhelmed at the moment.


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